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Hello , my name is Torri-Lynn Gonzales .
I am sixteen years old and found experience project , because I was trying to find a social network that I was able to use at school and fell in love with this one .
I have had a hard life and I am proud that I keep myself as happy as I always am .
I have three half sisters .

My eyes are hazel brown and my hair is dirty blonde .
I love to dye my hair , so my dad thinks that I should go to cosmetology school .
Currently , I wear contacts .
I used to wear glasses , but my vision got so bad that my eyes couldn't stand glasses for more then six months .
My left eye is -4.0 and my right eye is -4.50 .
No matter if I am writing , pitching , batting or even picking up something I always use my right hand and barely have control of my left hand .
Both of my ears are gauged and my lip is pierced .
I used to smoke , but I stopped due to the fact that I realized that I was only smoking , because everyone I hung out with smoked .
My parents and I get along , but they don't get along with each other .
I am deathly scared of thunderstorms and I am pretty sure that I always will be .
I love sitting in the dark unless I am reading , because my eye doctor said that I will go blind if I read in the dark .
My favorite food anything that is made with potatoes .
My favorite movies are Finding Nemo and Despicable Me .
I baby sit for extra money .

If you have any questions about me just message me(: . Thanks !

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