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I would like to say if you ever get the chance to go to a school performance or a sport event that is being played at a school that you should . There is a lot of kids that would appreciate your support for all of the work that they have been doing for the longest time . Especially if it is your own kid . There is no reason that you should be missing such a big event that could possible change your kids life .

Opportunities are not going to be around all the time and they need your support to be pulling through some of the stress that they might end up going through from them trying to get something down and thinking that everyone has to be perfect to get far . No , that is not something they should be think and they should know that everyone has flaws . No one is perfect and that is a fact .

Stress is going to cause them to give up on some things and you should let them know if you can not make it for a certain reason ahead of time and that you support them very much on their accomplishments that they have made .

I don't know if this is going to help anyone , but at least I got it off of my chest .

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