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I would like to say that there is a lot that has happened in my life to the point where :
- I can't speak unless I am speaking my mind and the total truth about whatever I am talking about .
- I can not yell at anyone and I can not stand anyone yelling at me .
- I can never get close to someone unless I know that they are going to be there for life and not going to leave at any time .
- I cherish what I have and I know complain about the things that I don't have .
- There is no one that can stop me on the journey that I want to make throughout my life .
- I am afraid to let anyone down no matter if I can not accomplish something or not .
- I show everyone how much I care no matter if I don't like them or I do .
- I feel stupid when I do something wrong when they know that I have the effort to do something right .
- I will never let someone down no matter what the task is .
- I can't trust anyone and that is bad , because I can't even trust my own father .
- I would rather love and have then never love at all . ( I know this isn't the quote , but it's true )

If you ever want to talk to me about what happened to make me like this . Then please message me .

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